Analysis FROM THE “Curves” Fitness Program

Analysis FROM THE “Curves” Fitness Program

Many people have asked me what my thoughts were on the Curves fitness program. After researching the scheduled program, interviewing current and previous members, and talking to other fitness professionals around the country I’ve put together the following evaluation. Curves is a franchised exercise program designed exclusively for women. ” In fact, the Curves franchise is listed by Entrepreneur Magazine among the top franchises to own. The relevant question is the reason why having it harvested so popular?

The answer can be found in the target audience of the Curves program. Curves suits a very large band of women seeking positive physical change in a supportive environment. Most commercial gyms and fitness centers do not come close to supplying a friendly and supportive environment for starting exercisers is it feminine or male. You have to give credit where credit is due.

The originator of the franchise regarded that there is an enormous market for a fitness center such as Curves and surely has tapped into a goldmine. GREAT CONCEPT, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE ACTUAL PROGRAM? Curves is certainly great from a marketing and business perspective but think about the actual workout program that is adopted?

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“They have about 10 different systems. Leg extensions/knee curls, squats, leg press, glut press, biceps curls/triceps extensions, lat pull downs/over head press, upper body press/sitting row, a dip/shrug machine, and a seated abdominal machine. They repeat some of the machines so you bypass the circuit 1 and 1/2 times. In between each machine there is certainly 3 x 3 platforms that you perform some continuous exercise such as running set up or fixed jumping.

Curves is a 30-tiny exercise circuit comprised of hydraulic level of resistance machines and body weight exercises. The type of the hydraulic machines used in the Curves program forces the user to execute concentric (muscle shortening) contractions of the opposing muscle groups. No eccentric (muscle lengthening) muscle action occurs when using these machines so very little muscle pain is developed.

The problem with the lack of the eccentric muscle actions is that it does not put a great deal of stress on the muscle and a muscle not stressed is a muscle that will not change. “It was discovered that omitting eccentric stress in training curriculum severely compromised the potential strength increases (Dudley et al.