High End Make-up Girl

High End Make-up Girl

Before I dive into this post, I want to first point out which I am one particular people that NEVER leaves the home without at least my base on. This website isn’t about suggesting that people are ‘artificial’, I simply wanted to draw collectively some interesting looks / beauty tips and see what YOUR thoughts are. Let’s face it, the make-up is something that is around for a classic while.

When I think of make-up and history, one name springs to brain. I mean at least I think beautiful. I mean, she’s never been depicted as an unattractive woman, but how can we know for certain? There have been no selfies then back! And in painting or drawing ever, she is stunningly beautiful with her striking eye liner and brows.

But just how do we realize when someone is actually beautiful vs these are talented when it comes to make up application? Let’s take Jynx Maze for example. Yeh, she’s looking pretty hot in that second picture! Although I of course think the next photo is much prettier, let’s go back to that first photo shall we?

And once and for all measure, enables make it a bit bigger.If you noticed Jynx walking outside, would you take a second look? The chances are you wouldn’t. However, I must acknowledge, I wish I appeared that good without my make up on. Although with constitute, Jynx is super sexy and glam, she’s nearly a negative looker without it, is she? So, do you have to have natural beauty first and then ENHANCE that beauty with make up?

  • Let are a symbol of 15 minutes, and then wash your face with drinking water until clean
  • Nina George
  • Tiffany SNSD
  • People with lighter eyes who wants an all natural eye-enlargement
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I think generally this is the case. And that is the case as it pertains to beauty bloggers and Instgrammers also. So where does that leave the rest of us normal-looking people? Let’s not be unrealistic, make-up is always heading smoother to make us look, more described and evened out. So let’s concentrate on this natural bits we like and increase on those rather than looking at all these somewhat better looking MODELS who are enabling face it, expanding on their VERY good parts!

I also need to give a mention to the luxurious product packaging of the creams, it will come in jars which have double walls and with airless pump to preserve the freshness of the ingredients. Also, if you aren’t dipping your finger in a pot, there’s no potential for bacteria getting in.

The way it works is you have to pump it a few times to get the product out, and the cream comes out on top of the jar as you can see here. Each jar is hand written with the day of when it was combined also, and that means you would know you’re getting possible concoctions freshest. I AM LUSH was the merchandise that intrigued me the most, a hair gel that doubles as a scalp treatment AND an oil-free moisturizer?