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Career Services Blog – New England Law

Network: You’ve heard this before – – people often find employment through people they know! The Alumni Career Forum was created to help you get to know training attorneys. While the Forum is not a job good (resume exchanges are not allowed), students often gain employment through conference alumni and following-up with them on their own.

The alumni taking part will be ready and waiting around to meet you. Exploration: Over 40 areas of regulation will be displayed at the Forum. This is a great time that you should explore many different practice regions of regulations and find out about different career paths. You will see out what areas are growing and which are declining and changing.

You will gain practical information and reasonable insights in regards to what you can do NOW to get ready for getting legal experience/work in the future. You’ll also learn how New England Law alumni found their first job(s) and exactly how they emerged to work in their practice area. 1. Do: Clothe themselves in appropriate business dress.

This event is taking place after work hours, and the alumni volunteers are arriving directly from work in their business clothes. You intend to impress they. 2. Do: Be on time. Give yourself the entire two hours to wait the event if possible. There will be lots of people for you to meet. Give yourself plenty of time to make the most of this opportunity. 3. Do: Be familiar with how much time you are spending with one individual. As of this event, 5-10 minutes is enough time to talk to someone. Keep an eye on other students who may be waiting around behind one to talk with the alum you are speaking with.

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4. Do: Be open minded in choosing who you speak to. You may get excellent advice on how to get a job from someone who is practicing in an area that you have no interest. You may even become thinking about areas that you haven’t yet explored! 5. Do: Collect business credit cards from participants. After you have spoken with an alum, require his/her business card. Try pursuing up with a contact, phone or letter call.

6. Do: Be prepared. Review the Participant Biographies booklet before the event and know something about the alumni you want to meet before you attend the event. Try to think of questions that you want to ask that person about their profession so that you will be ready to help make the most of this opportunity. 1. Don’t: Bring a application to this profession forum.

Collect business credit cards to follow-up with the alumni in the foreseeable future. 2. Don’t: Ask for a job! This is not employment good. Focus on building new professional relationships, gathering information for your job plans and making valuable contacts, than concentrating on the work you hope to gain rather. 3. Don’t: Limit your questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question.