Tamara’s Paper Trail

Tamara’s Paper Trail

I’ve been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure out how to begin this post and all I keep discovering is “wow”. Yes, it’s 3:30 in the morning. Yes, for the 3rd night time in a row I can’t sleep. I’ve resided 2 approximately,652 weeks. This specific week was a good one. I don’t share this to brag.

This week two major things occurred. I used to be chosen as one of only SEVEN demonstrators in Canada to be a part of the newly produced “Canadian Demonstrator Council”. We’re excited to announce that we’ve chosen the users of our 13 Demonstrator Councils in areas throughout the world! These demonstrators were selected through an application process, and we were strategic in choosing councils so both include a broad base of demonstrators with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills.

These 2018-2019-Demonstrator Council users will partner with the Demonstrator Development Managers (DDMs) as ambassadors for and champions of Stampin’ Up! They will provide in this role for at least a calendar year. Finding ways to keep demonstrators engaged and linked with Stampin’ Up! Helping demonstrators get new customers. Helping demonstrators increase their sales. Finding ways to make recruiting easier.

To say I am THRILLED to participate in the CDC is a gross understatement! What a dream-come-true for me! I RELISH the idea of being able to help find ways to make being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator much better than it already is even! To have the chance to inspire and motivate my Sisters? 2. Yesterday the set of Top Achievers was released, both for Globally and Canada.

I was shocked and thrilled to see my name appear a few times. How do I rank? There are approximately 5, 000 Canadian demonstrators, and 60 approximately,000 Globally. For me to even come Near being on ANY list blows my mind, let being rated where I am alone! What thrills me a lot more than my very own success this season is the success of among the better ladies I understand.

They are my “sidelines”, in Stampin’ Up! We all have been SU demos but we’ve no formal “ties” to each other (ie we don’t have the same leaders above us). We arrived in early 2017 jointly, following the Canadian Business Conference I attended in Toronto. Long story short, we produced a Facebook group to support each other in our businesses as we strove to reach our specific goals. This united team of women knocked every one of them from the Recreation area! There have been 6 of us originally.

  1. Those exempt under the Tax Code, as amended, and other special laws and regulations
  2. 2019 WCBA Dare to Care
  3. Hydro and Utilizes
  4. Which of the following costs isn’t covered within an accounting break-even analysis
  5. Travelling Salon
  6. Problems in the client’s industry

Five of us will be on the luxury cruise to Greece. Five folks are in the top 50 Canadian Demonstrators. All six of us achieved what we attempt to and then some. You know what is preferable to succeeding? Watching those you LOVE succeed – watching them arranged goals, work at them and mix that finish range. We all crossed it together and it is one of the most rewarding experiences of my 2 truly,652 weeks with this planet.

Now, for all the joy that I have experienced this week I have also experienced great sadness. I don’t believe an hour has passed this week that I haven’t thought of and missed, my dear friend, and online, Tamye. She was my biggest cheerleader. There is never any question in HER mind that I possibly could achieve all I set out to.