We Shall Stand Up And Battle!

We Shall Stand Up And Battle!

Although the battles rage, the Lord encourages us in ways no man can, and He can it in a different way in each of His kids; Jesus uses dreams to encourage me. I knew I had a need to share this wish after my pastor preached a sermon (“Keeping Your Passion Without Losing Your Cool”) on holy anger a couple weeks ago. Most of us are amid battle. He desires us to operate and combat!

Nothing halts this glorious bride-to-be from working to meet her Bridegroom at the covenant altar of marriage. Now continue steadily to picture the bride-to-be within an upstairs room within the church. She applies her makeup, primps her hair and positions her wedding veil affixed to simply beautiful crown upon her head. Suddenly, a bridesmaid appears and grabs her veil and crown from her head.

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Evil emanates from this counterfeit comrade. The bride-to-be immediately responds by attempting to recover the veil/crown and a tug-of-war battle ensues. The bride receives a fresh resolve, this adversary will not steal her crown away. Filled with holy anger and a clenched fist, she punches this evil in the face directly. Evil retreats, the bride has retrieved her wedding crown and veil. Most Christians will concur that the battles are intensifying once we move toward the finish of the age.

Satan desires to take our crown, but we have been given the energy and expert from Jesus to operate and battle! I’ve asked god, the father, “What does it mean to punch evil in the face?” He reminded me that I (we) don’t fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of the global world, and a religious combat. Bridegroom, reading the Bible, writing this website, writing in my own personal journal, loving and praying for individuals who repeatedly hurt and betray me, performing the responsibilities that god, the father has designated, and denying my flesh!

I absolutely cannot battle without His Spirit! You cannot war without His Spirit! In Jesus name, fill up us up to overflowing, Lord. Your Spirit empowers us to get over evil, to punch evil in the real face. We shall stand up and fight! Evil won’t steal our crown! We are beautiful and prepared for our Bridegroom. All for you Jesus!

What kind of makeup was found in ancient Egypt? Egyptians were very particular about their vision makeup, or Kohl. Popular tones of Kohl up were dark and green. The green color was made of malachite, an oxide of copper. Black Kohl was called galena. Both galena and malachite were ground on a palette with gum or drinking water to make a paste. It was applied with sticks which were round were and ended made of wood, bronze, or glass.

What is the makeup of the attention? There are many types of makeup made specifically for the eye. Below are a few of them: 1. Eyeliner 2. Eyeshadow 3. Mascara These three are the primary makeup products that are used in the eye area. There are various types of ointments, lotions/creams, and concealers that are made specifically for the attention as well.

Is eyes shadow considered face makeup? No, It really is generally under-Eye Makeup. Face makeup is a foundation, concealer, bronzer, and blush. What makes up did people wear in Ancient Egypt? Mainly eye make-up, such as Kohl and malachite. What was the constitute Egyptians wear around their eyes? In ancient Egypt, Black Kohl, lapis lazuli or green malachite were used for the optical eyesight decoration.

What type of makeup do they wear in the ancient fashion? Egyptian men and women used to constitute. They used black Kohl eyeliner to line their eyes and darken their vision eyes and lashes brows. They colored their a Muslim with blue or green eye shadow made from powdered minerals. Henna dye was used to color their nails and lips. Who wore the amulet Eye of Horus? The Eye of Horus was one of the most common amulets of ancient Egypt, today it was often seen in tombs and is still worn. What element did ancient Egyptians made black eye make-up? The Egyptians used a dark stone comparable to iron ore to make dark eye makeup. This stone included a great amount of lead. The stone was blended and smashed with drinking water. What exactly are ancient Egyptian toilet boxes?

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