Hedge Fund News: 2019/12

Hedge Fund News: 2019/12

HedgeCo News – Good news for music fans and art traders, film makers Oley Sassone and Bill Badalato are seeking hedge fund financing for a significant motion picture predicated on the young life of Louis Armstrong, entitled Black & Blue. 18 million. The film shall be shot in New Orleans, where a 30% State taxes credit is available. 100 million) and have won Academy Awards. I’ll more about the task know soon, as Sassone is sending me the facts as they develop. I’m an individual enthusiast of both Armstrong and New Orleans and am excited to play even a little part in the development of the film.

Pension funds, managed by private pension money and private asset management companies, more than quadrupled set alongside the investment account market, whereas, 3-4 years back the situation was quite different. For private investors to invest in investment funds there must be greater clarity, and knowledge of investing, as well as lower deposit rates in banks. In addition, we await changes in legislation that could give taxes credits for individuals who own investment fund shares. The marketplace could easily get a “second breeze” with the launch of institutional trader money and the introduction of products such as life insurance tied to investment money.

In Brazil, for example, pension funds positively invest in investment money, resulting in an investment fund market often higher than in Russia. Here, investment money is off limits for pension money. How will you assess the market dynamics of the accumulative portion of the pension system? The accumulative portion keeps growing and, according to your estimations for 2020, the whole system can reach 13 trillion rubles. Of course it might be a good replenishment for the Russian stock market. We’d finally have a level of institutional money that can support the marketplace over time. What legislative changes, in your opinion, are had a need to appeal to institutional money into the currency markets?

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Throughout the world, if market crisis causes an outflow of international speculative capital, there is an internal long-term buyer who understands the potential of the companies and is buying up their stocks. Our situation is reversed. When the market falls, pension money sell their shares, because they might have problems at the end of the year due to a ban on accruing losses on customer accounts.

As a result, “long” money, that ought to fuel the economy and encourage its development, in truth lies in quasi-bank debris or short-term bonds. By the way, regarding accruing deficits, for the entire year pension funds are actually required to show at least a zero percent come back, while asset management companies might experience losses during bad markets.

Due to the do you foresee an outflow of funds from private pension funds? Where, in your opinion could it be most profitable for future retirees to keep their cost savings? I think that everyone should concentrate on their roles. Private pension funds should use residents and offer them with quality services, while asset management companies should manage the possessions of the pension money.