How To Get Rid Of Beauty Spots On The Face With Garlic

How To Get Rid Of Beauty Spots On The Face With Garlic

Moles, or beauty spots, are a cluster of skin cells that have turned dark or black brown with pigment. Most beauty spots are harmless, though they can be on the facial skin or neck of the guitar unsightly. Several home remedies exist to remove, or at least lighten, beauty spots. One of the simplest home remedies is to apply garlic to the spot.

Keep in mind that moles should be tested by a skin doctor because they will often indicate a far more serious condition. Crush one or two cloves of garlic into paste utilizing a garlic press. You may want to crush the garlic further using the back of the spoon if the garlic press fails to reduce the garlic to a paste. Place masking tape around the wonder spot to safeguard the skin around it.

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Garlic can burn your skin, so take care to place the garlic paste only on the mole. You may also use petroleum to make a barrier in the middle of your pores and skin and the garlic jelly. Apply the garlic paste to the wonder spot utilizing a cotton swab. Cover the mole with a bandage.

Leave the bandage and garlic clove in place for four hours. You can repeat this treatment 3 in a day. You might begin to see results in two to four days. If you don’t see an improvement in two to four days, seek advice from a physician. Make sure to cover the skin surrounding the wonder or mole place to avoid contact with the garlic clove. It could cause burns that want medical attention.

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If your skin layer is pretty “normal” with no real level of sensitivity issues, try glycolic acids, Dr. Schultz’s favorite, since they’re a bit stronger and faster-acting. Beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) are oil soluble, indicating they break down oil-clogged pores to take care of blackheads, whiteheads, and zits. They’re also anti-inflammatory, indicating they’ll help mitigate some of the irritating results BHAs can cause. Also to make it all easier, there’s really only one common BHA: salicylic acid, a longtime favorite acne treatment. If your skin layer is super-tough, you may use BHAs with AHAs interchangeably, but, says Dr. Schultz, they tend to be irritating and drying if used in high concentrations over the entire face.