Korean Big Eye Circle Lenses: Korean Skin Care & Makeup

Korean Big Eye Circle Lenses: Korean Skin Care & Makeup

We all know circle lenses with all the other variants are medical units and enough has been mentioned about how they must be dealt with. Long story brief; even with all the instructions about handling your circle lenses, consumers are immediately concerned in the unfold out of contagious ocular infections. The reason behind is the lazy & clumsy attitude that permit contamination of circle lenses. There are 3 ways that must be avoided to prevent your circle lenses from micro-organism contamination.

Hands particularly finger pads are stuffed with bacteria. Before touching your circle lenses, don’t forget to scrub your palms completely with an oil-free soap. Before putting in and taking off contact lenses, be sure that your hands are completely cleaned and dry. Don’t rub your eyes irrespective of how hard is the urge.

  • L.I.P Cream
  • Exfoliate lips
  • Rejuvenates tired pores and skin
  • 10ml Aloe Vera Gel
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  • Swelling of the forehead and different areas akin to tongue, lips, and face
  • Apply any moisturizer of your selection

The second commonest means you contaminate your contact lenses are cosmetics. Therefore it is recommended to always insert circle lenses before starting your routine makeup. Use hypo allergenic cosmetics and keep away from chalky eye shadows. Water ought to by no means be brought into contact with circle lenses. It incorporates microorganisms that contaminate circle lenses and start to develop on them. Such microorganisms may be very deadly; and could also be answerable for devouring cornea. Don’t retailer your lenses at locations that are humid. Don’t store them in saliva or lubricate them utilizing water. Only use effective disinfectant to minimize the possibilities of ocular accidents. Don’t jeopardize your imaginative and prescient. Take care of your eyes; you have only one pair. Follow the wear & care information of contact lenses & solely wear FDA accepted circle lenses.

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