Geeking With Greg

Geeking With Greg

Yeah, but at least you’d the cojones to make some real, considerable, specific predictions. Yahoo also bought Bix. Not bad too! Who knows if next calendar year will be its fall (copyrights issues) or its confirmation! I believe I’ll get a 75% satisfaction from these predictions. And just EASILY can be told by you what exactly are the VC financing in Reco segment you are considering? It’s definitely going to be for 2007. In 2006 Vcs had a need to deal with UGC they have to face the overload problem now. Again it’s a timing problem not an accuracy one.

Well, it’s easier to put yourself out there and make specific predictions that may or may not come true. After all, you might have forecasted “Apple with release a new iPod” if you wished to be right! Nit pick out: adCenter isn’t and AdSense competitor. It’s an unsuccessful competition.

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They’re going to release that unsuccessful AdSense (contextual advertisement) competitor NEXT year. Well done, barring stock predictions. I like somebody who goes back and reviews their predictions. Well, not such a good background. In regards to a third true or true mainly. I should set aside my crystal ball Maybe? Is the most crucial thing facet of making predictions their eventual accuracy, or the exercise of critical thinking it requires? Or just plain fun?

As long as there’s no charges for predictions that don’t pan out, I say keep it up. It isn’t like people are timing the planting of their crops on your predictions or something. Continue with the predictions. I think some of those will bear fruits still, for example Berkowitz may drop the Live brand. Did eBay really acquire Meetup, as stated in your last point? I hadn’t noticed that, nor have I seen any mass media but could be wrong. Hi, Tim. Sorry, to be more accurate, eBay made an investment in Meetup.

The second difference is that Azalea could have other income-generating property and businesses besides the 3 Astrea companies. In Fig. 1 above, it comes with an investment management subsidiary to control the investments in PE funds for the Astrea companies in substitution for a fee. It might also have other PE money that is beyond your Astrea companies. So, for Azalea corporate bonds, there may be other sources of operating cash flows, whereas for Astrea PE bonds, the only source of cash flows is the PE funds in the respective Astrea companies.

The third difference is that besides getting cashflows from the Astrea companies to redeem the Azalea corporate relationship, Azalea could refinance the relationship through bank or investment company borrowings, new corporate bonds, shareholder loans from Temasek, or even private share placements and IPO! Being truly a corporate bond, there are extensive avenues to refinance it.