Maybe He Missed THE COMPLETE “Render Unto Caesar” Thing?

Maybe He Missed THE COMPLETE “Render Unto Caesar” Thing?

Nazareth. Joseph had a job. He was a carpenter. Luke 2: 1-5 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the global world should be taxed. And all visited to be taxed, everyone into his own city. Caesar Augustus decides that there’s inadequate revenue entering the government, so he decreed that the world should be taxed.

And so scared that he could miss someone rather than being able to identify them and gather their fees, he decreed that a census be studied in the home town of your respective ancestry. Generations of individuals showed up, as required by law. And, missing mobile phones and Internet, it was a little harder to publication an area then back again, if there were any available even, night which evidently for at least one, there have been not.

How many of us have had problems booking a room, in bigger cities when even, say, a convention was around? So, a gainfully used man and his pregnant wife departing temporarily the home, for the sake of complying with the government’s taxes code, barely made them “homeless”. Give me a rest!

And there’s enough blame for both edges! Really, the only Tony Perkins I know was holed up at the Bates Motel in “Psycho”. Jesus did not come, was not created into the world to proclaim the wonder of the free-market system. Maybe he missed the whole “Render unto Caesar” thing? To verify his point, Perkins relates a variety of parables that Jesus taught.

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Unfortunately, many people in interpreting the Bible, do not make the distinction between a parable and an allegory. An allegory, like Pilgrim’s Progress, makes any true number of points. Whenever a parable is treated by you as an allegory, it’s very easy to create all sorts of wild and erroneous interpretations that are then labeled “Biblical”. On the other hand, we’ve an article writer (at least the writer of the headline) who put Jesus in the “Occupy” motion. There are winners and losers for the reason that story, but “diligence and dedication” aren’t the deciding factors.

Only Jesus wasn’t really talking about wage earners here. The “wage” is salvation, which is the same to all that receive it. If you are converted as a kid and lives a life dedicated to God, see your face is to forget about “saved” when compared to a sinner who repents on his loss of life bed. Salvation is offered as a gift through Scripture, not just a wage. Parables take analogies to make religious factors earthly, not the other way around.

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