Diabetes Medications Masking Surgical Complication

Diabetes Medications Masking Surgical Complication

A study released in the British Journal of Anaesthesia found 42 instances of individuals with diabetes who presented for various surgeries, while taking gliflozin medications, experienced ketoacidosis while their bloodstream sugars level was normal. Dr. Venkatesan Thiru, Senior Clinical Lecturer, the University of Adelaide. The problem you can do in the lead-up to surgery when patients cannot drink and eat normally. Diabetic ketoacidosis is a significant complication when your body does not have enough insulin and can’t use sugar to generate energy. Instead, your body uses fat to create energy and this process leads to deposition of acids called ketones in the torso.

Blood glucose levels are always high with this ketone build-up which is called diabetic ketoacidosis. If this nagging problem is not treated, it can lead to loss of life and coma. It is likely to happen with severe infection, loss of hydration, illness or during surgery. In the 42 cases discovered in the scholarly study, euglycaemic ketoacidosis occurred within a few hours after surgery and up to a few weeks after their operation. Changes in patients’ diabetes medications, health problems and diet were found to be accountable. Extra vigilance is the key in reducing this patients and problem should be educated concerning this. Care givers should require acid load to be tested by checking for blood ketone levels. Fortunately that a few of the latest blood sugar home monitoring sets can also test for acid build up.

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