Crafting With A View

Crafting With A View

This credit card is a 3″ x 4 ¾” size, folding at the top. I used pansy purple card stock from Near My Heart. I have scored a few lines in the front of the card and used sandpaper to expose the white primary. A bit of Miracle design paper from CTMH and a number of colonial white credit card stock are building the setting for the tiny flower arranged from the “Card Word Puzzle” stamps established. All documents and cards stocks and shares are distressed with pansy purple ink. A white pearl is attached to the two bigger flowers and the stamp is established from CTMH “Color Ready Borders”.

A little bit of colonial white ribbon and these cards is complete. This credit card steps 4 ¼” x 5 ½” and folds on the top as well. Techniques and materials are the same as described in the first one. The two big roses are embellished with little sparkles, as the smaller flowers are embellished with a pearl.

Again, the colour ready borders are accustomed to create rose stamps. A piece of colonial white ribbon finishes this design off. Technique and papers used are the same as the two previous once. A top folded 4 ¼” x 5 ½” cards. Here the bunch of flowers is established with three roses. The roses are embellished with sparkles.

Color ready edges built the stamps and a colonial white ribbon surface finish the card off. All plants used in these credit cards are water colored with the technique described in earlier content. Please, contact me if you want to know more about these cards or where you might get the documents and stamps. You can visit my website also!

Fashion hijab became a Prima Donna in the homeland. Furthermore, many people with different backgrounds that range from housewives to office employees belong – bonding to reseller.tentunya for business in the field of fashion need to create a marketing arrange for their products are accepted on the market. Sophie Martin became one of the famous brand that established fact to the people of Indonesia. The products are rated quality and provide many special discounts often. There is a bonus searching for its people as well. No wonder Sopie Martin could be one of the very most respected companies in the business field.

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One more marketing plan in the field of fashion that you want to skip the endorse. Endorse developed combined with the interest of the world community of existing cultural networking. Top telegrams or artists who endorse your product are also indirectly an image of your own product. Follower of these prominent figures also affects the sale of products that endorse.

Promotion through online stations is important but you can also not override special offers offline. To introduce your fashion brand, it’s good to carry live events. Fashion show or often take part in the style-week event will surely make your brand easily recognizable. You can even hold a competition event in the field of clothing design and modeling that are still associated with your product. You are also necessary to create a separate trend to contend with other fashion brands. Nothing wrong with recruiting some stylist and photographer to get the picture out of the box. You can also sponsor several drama and film artists. Do not be scared to test out the latest models of or fabrics.

Cloth design can also be inspired from days gone by, For the certain day you can screen a new idea. For example, day or day batik can exhibit the nuances of batik nuances collection for Kartini. Did you know that employees can also be the key to your business. Nothing can beat client satisfaction, so it is important to boost their service. Improved service through your employees who communicate with consumers directly. Your customer service must be an employee who is capable of handling your customer’s suggestions really, criticisms and questions.

Employees are also part of your company’s reputation, so there is a need for training to build up themselves. To boost your marketing can also by developing a residential area. This grouped community can be permanent or only on certain days. For permanent community you can create fanspage on Facebook social network. For incidental areas can use hashtags on it or twitter.