Why select Goldman? My previous post on the fraud case against Goldman has drawn some strong replies. I can understand the anger against companies such as Goldman. But it can’t be that Goldman becomes a target since it has been more lucrative than others. The situation against the built-in investment bank model, using its potential conflicts appealing, has not been made yet.

An article in FT highlights the pervasiveness of the procedures that form the foundation for the present against Goldman. Of the banks that dominated the market a couple of years ago, why would the national authorities focus on the only one to endure the crisis financially intact? It is not because Goldman was unique. In Abacus 2007-AC1, Paulson & Co., a hedge finance, suggested securities for the deal and wager against it in a swap with Goldman also. That feature is not uncommon.

According to a recent record from ProPublica, there were 26 deals where Magnetar, a hedge finance, both sponsored CDOs and bet against them. There are hundreds of non-Goldman CDOs that no one has yet investigated. More fundamentally, if the other big investment banks had made similar “net short” trades in 2007, there wouldn’t normally have been a financial meltdown.

Bear Stearns, Lehman Merrill, and Brothers Lynch collapsed because they took substantial positions in the opposite direction. Given the cost of government bail-outs, why chastise the only prudent investment bank? I am no unabashed admirer of Goldman. But it is hard to withstand the impression that Goldman is being targeted since it remains and survived profitable. That is ridiculous quite.

But, are you trading the right amount? Do you consider you’ll achieve the desired corpus in the foreseeable future really? You must maintain a question if you never have used the SIP calculator while planning now. Yes, the mutual fund calculator is one such tool which must be used before selecting a scheme for your investment goals.

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The reasons for the same are absolutely logical. You might find out about the same here. Before starting out, let’s answer some of the important questions! Do you know the exact amount that you shall need in the future? Do you know how much amount you should invest to reach your goals? Well, on your day of your financial goals answering these questions is vital to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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