In B. Cope& D. Mason (Eds.)

In B. Cope& D. Mason (Eds.)

This paper seeks to supply an introduction to Extensible Markup Language (XML) by taking a look at its use in a single-supply publishing strategy to the supply of teaching assets in both hardcopy and online. Using the event of the International Baccalaureate Organization’s on-line Economics Subject Guide as a sensible instance, this discussion reflects on a few of the key technological and educational strengths and limitations of using XML for this kind of approach.

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  1. You’ll Learn the True Meaning of Respect
  2. Use inclusive language (us, we, you)
  3. Issue Log
  4. They can be easily blocked by pop-up blockers
  5. Don’t use unnamed namespaces in .hpp information
  6. Select Custom Size choice
  7. HID over GATT Profile (HOGP 1.0)
  8. New Year’s Eve

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