Definition Of ARTWORK Photography

Definition Of ARTWORK Photography

Two respected and reliable online sites define photography in a different way and yet both definitions express almost the same meaning. Wikipedia defines artwork photography as “a high-quality archival photographic images of pictures that are manufactured to fulfill the creative eyesight of a person professional.” The site refers to artwork picture taking as synonymous to artwork picture taking. Merriam-Webster broadly defines artwork photography as “art concerned mainly with the creation of beautiful objects”.

Based with this broad definition, anything can be the subject of fine art photography for so long as the subject is beautiful. But, beauty is within the eye of the beholder. So that makes artwork picture taking as subjective in character. Taking both of these definitions into account, both conveys a very important factor – fine art photography is approximately beauty.

Some research books define artwork photography as a picture that is produced on the market or display and the production of images to fulfill the creative eyesight of a photographer. This is similar to Wikipedia’s description of fine art photography. What then is Fine Art Photography? With so many definitions given to it, defining fine art picture taking has become more confusing than simply by appreciating its form and product even.

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Photography can be an art, yes we all consent to that. However, not all products of picture taking can be viewed as as artwork, would you agree to that? Not Perhaps. Because as we all know, beauty is within the eye of the beholder. Fine art is all about beautiful depiction of everything and beauty depends upon individual preferences yet. A photographer may claim that his creation is fine art while other photographers or critics might say that it’s not. So, can we then specify fine art photography as a subjective form of picture taking which depicts whatever is beautiful in the eye of those who capture them?

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