What Are Your Top Travel Tips?

What Are Your Top Travel Tips?

2.99. I bought the darkest tone of the 3 colors, they need to offer, “Brown Brows 02”, which is the perfect color match for my dark locks. Just how I typically like to use this product is by taking the small spool applicator and brushing off a little of the surplus-brow gel and then gently combing it through my eyebrows. This method is very easy and forgiving to completely clean up if you make a mistake while applying.

Gas train station restrooms have ridiculously drying soap, so moisturizing is even more necessary than normal. There’s no reason to take more than one outer coat/jacket for a weekend trip. It may not perfectly go with every outfit, but that’s okay. I can’t stand toting things around with me, so having storage compartments for my mobile phone and keys in my coat helps maintain my hands free when I’m wearing a dress or other clothing it doesn’t have pockets.

Don’t apply make-up at 3 am. I have no idea about you, but I wake up with puffy eyes, sheet creases on my cheek, and a less-than-perky appearance generally. EASILY apply make-up before my face has had time to energize, my makeup looks horrible the rest of the day.

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So I toss my make-up handbag in my purse and use it once the sunlight has risen. There’s a better light in the automobile than in my own bathroom in any case. Don’t take more than you can bring. It’s no fun to take up holiday time schlepping stuff around. Take only what you absolutely will require so you aren’t tripping over suitcases in your accommodation or making 3 outings from the car to your friend’s third-floor apartment.

The Road Trip Life // I came across this beautiful travel case for my jewelry at my grandpa’s thrift store this week and whattayouknow, it matches my make-up handbag from the Jo-Ann’s checkout series peeeerfectly. Today while winding through Western world Virginia mountains Currently applying base and mascara at drive hour 4 of 12. I’m sorry I am so absent these last few weeks! What are your top travel tips? I’d love to listen to them since I have two more weekend vacations planned for March!

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