PIERS US Data Imports

PIERS US Data Imports


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The PIERS Database is a comprehensive database that contains information about US imports and exports. It provides valuable information that can be used for analysis of global trade and can also be used to help understand US suppliers. Its data is regularly updated.

It contains data from almost 60,000 waterborne bills-of-lading that are filed each day with U.S. Customs. It provides detailed information on each shipment and company, including weight, value, and shipping destination. Using PIERS data can help companies make informed sourcing decisions. PIERS allows both importers as well as exporters to quickly identify new suppliers or sources of product.

Apart from PIERS’s data the agency also provides a variety other online databases on international trade. Its three online directories provide summaries of trade activity from various countries. These directories include HS code information, shipper names, product descriptions, as well details on both waterborne and land transport.

PIERS import/export statistics

PIERS import/export statistics provide a summary of recent trade activity in the United States and in more than 80 other countries. They include data on import and export transactions for more than 150,000 import and export company listings. These include information on top ports of entry and countries of origin as well as product descriptions.

Companies can use PIERS to monitor their global trade, and analyze their competitive positions. It provides detailed information about commodity prices, tonnage shipped, as well as historical data. It’s also useful for market share and trend analysis. IHS Markit, the global leader in critical information, gathers the data. Its customers include more than 80% of Fortune Global 500 companies as well as leading financial institutions worldwide.

PIERS export/import statistics are a reliable and comprehensive source of trade and economic data. It is the most comprehensive export/import service available and is based on more than 15 million bills of lading and 20 million shipments annually. Its unique database structure makes it a valuable resource for companies who want to analyze international trade.

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Statistics on imports from PIERS

PIERS’ import statistics provide detailed information regarding trade flows. They include commodity descriptions, tonnage estimates and estimates. This data can be used for market share analysis as well as trend analysis. please click the up coming post database is produced by IHS Markit, the world’s leading provider of critical information for business and government. Its customers include over 50k organizations, 80% in Fortune Global 500, as well the largest financial institutions worldwide.

PIERS import statistics come from PIERS manifest, which contains the most detailed and complete global cargo movement statistics. This data includes shipments by TEU and by country of origin. It also contains data on transshipment activity. The PIERS import statistics are published in quarterly intervals. In case you have any sort of concerns relating to where and how to use customs data, you could contact us at our own web-page.