Have you found out that the price of addressing a horse show plus the expenses to be there is on par with the nationwide debt? As well as the reward is a few points or no points for a course earn. Jill Bradley, Las Vegas, NV brought it to my attention that there is more to showing than chasing points at the breed level.

She got a year faraway from traveling to show in her backyard, her state’s horseman’s association, had fun, won prizes rather than points and ribbons, and met interesting people that she might not have otherwise. There is a lot to be said positively about competing in your local area or region. Let us explore the advantages of doing that. One of the advantages is that it generally does not cost as much to show at the local or local level. We can use less energy to trailer our equine and there is certainly less wear and tear on the equine, trailer, and truck.

Fuel is a price that people have to show at any level but it is huge when we travel 40,000 to 60,000 as a season or even more chasing a national name. MPG of 10 to 14 miles or less, we can get fuel to be always a major cost in our showing budget.

We likewise have upkeep and maintenance on the automobile, and truck plus stall fees, motel, meals, and entry fees. A LQ trailer may reduce motel fees but in the long run it probably costs a comparable. If we were to show at some of the local regional events, we would significantly reduce those costs.

Plus our spouse or significant others and children would get to go around more frequently and get to make friends and see the country. Entry fees are less expensive, sometimes less than half of what it costs to enter a large circuit or breed show. We can show in more classes, do halter, Western, and English and in the process have a better-trained horse. The prizes tend to be more than simply ribbons or points. Your competition may be as great, however the judge is usually from within the region and doesn’t have plans.

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I have observed horses that placed well down the line in some classes place really high in other classes. This gives the exhibitor a feeling that his equine will probably be worth something even if it is not one of the bloodlines currently in vogue. Because of the shorter distance to these shows, each day and truck his horse to a show one can get up, all day long and then go home show.

The equine is convenient in his own bed therefore is the exhibitor. Another plus is that the youth exhibitors have an accepted spot to hone their skills. As their skills and confidence improve, they can move up raised and more competitive horses. They and their parents will buy and have the horse trained by people in the business locally. A win-win situation for everybody involved.