Investment And Economic Analysis – Policy

Investment And Economic Analysis – Policy

The Investment and Economic Analysis Team programs and conducts a program of studies that evaluate the problem and performance of our nation’s highways, bridges, and transit facilities, and provides insight into the implications of various alternative funding situations. A blend of expertise in engineering and economics allows this team to break new ground, researching and developing the various tools used to perform these studies to aid the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) leadership. Vision: Lead the Federal Highway Administration in the introduction of effective transportation legislation and policies.

The 2015 report is the eleventh in some combined documents prepared by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to satisfy requirements for reports to Congress on the condition, performance, and future capital investment needs of the Nation’s highway and transit systems. The C&P report consolidates conditions, performance, and financial data provided by States, local government authorities, and mass transit providers to give a national-level summary. A number of the underlying data are available through the DOT’s regular statistical publications.

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The future investment scenario analyses are developed designed for this report and offer national-level projections only. There’s been some valuable research carried out on the effects of investments in transport infrastructure on financial output and the productivity of private capital growth through macroeconomic modeling. The main body of this ongoing work is some FHWA sponsored research documents by M. Ishaq Nadiri and Theofanis Mamuneas. An associated type of research provides a better measure of the country’s capital stock, including highways, one of the main element variables used in the modeling work. Researchers have dealt with the specific mechanisms by which infrastructure improvement tasks impact a local, regional, or national economy.

Unlike benefit-cost analysis, microeconomic, financial impact analysis examines how transportation improvements affect the wider economy including regional or local employment patterns, income levels, business activity, travel, and leisure, housing, and even migration patterns. Benefit-cost analysis, in comparison, is limited to the direct benefits and costs of the transportation project on users and nonusers such as changes in travel time, crashes, vehicle operating costs, agency construction costs, and pollution costs. FHWA’s work in this area focuses on the effects of congestion, highway spending, and infrastructure improvements.

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