Never Use Flags For Language Selection In Your Website

Never Use Flags For Language Selection In Your Website

There many issues to contemplate when making a multilingual website. Many websites use language switchers to make it extra visually. However flag icons are a nasty option for language navigation. I clarify you which ones is the perfect possibility to unravel this downside. Which flag must be used to characterize English? One possibility is the US’s Stars and Stripes, but this can annoy many users from other English-talking nations. Another option is the UK’s Union Jack, however UK is home to a small part of the world’s English speakers.

What about Scotland, Jamaica, New Zealand or Canada? Why not use flags in your multilingual website? Many languages are spoken in numerous countries. Which flag ought to be use to represent Spanish? Spanish flag, an Argentinian flag, a Mexican flag, a Venezuelan flag or a Colombian flag? A country could have a number of languages. Should a Swiss flag take you to a web page in French or to a page in German? What about Belgian flag or Indian flag?

Visitors could not acknowledge the flags in your internet page. It’s not very usual, but generally nations can change their flags. Malawi, Lybia or Burma have changed their flags lately. In WordPress, WPML plugin lets you add language switcher as a widget, within the site’s footer or in a menu.

The language switcher can comprise the language flag, the native names of languages and the translated names. More info about WPML and Language Switcher Options here. For the explanations mentioned in this text, never use flags for language selection in your webpage. Instead of flags, use the native names of languages and the translated names.

  • Install the Pods plugin
  • If customers can (and will) scroll down, the scrollbar must be visible
  • Make sure the correct drive is selected below ‘Target Drive’
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