Observations WITHIN AN Undemocratic World

Observations WITHIN AN Undemocratic World

Having dived at Subic Bay on numerous occasions, I would consider myself a fairly faithful customer. So that it takes me too much to change businesses yet my usual dive center and accommodation finally ran out of chances. So, I decided to get one of these new dive center and accommodation just down the road. In the Philippines they use the term resort very loosely, this isn’t a vintage resort in the real definition, what it can represent is a proper run small business. The dive center mounted on the accommodation is handled by expat Australian Kent Simmonds, a keen diver and approachable guy extremely.

I will never be changing dive centers in the foreseeable future while Kent will there be, I really like diving as of this place. I have dived Subic Bay extensively; I was alert to other dive sites in Subic Bay but my former dive center would just never offer more than the usual sites. What Kent offered me was the chance to explore so many new sites that were previously unavailable. That’s easy, Arizona Dive Center is the premier dive center in Subic Bay, and I have dived at a number of Subic Bay dive centers.

A claim to settlement may occur where planning authorization is refused for development that would have been allowed development in the lack of an Article 4 Direction. The amount of payment in this case would appear to be the difference between your value of the site with a redundant building on it and the worthiness of the cleared site – virtually NIL I would have thought. Planning permission for the redevelopment of the site would have been required in any event; so there can’t be considered a claim for compensation in that respect.

This is likely to be a matter mainly for the valuers to hammer out, but I’d think a Nil figure ought to be the starting point certainly. My local council has granted planning permission for a housing development on my boundary, close to and overlooking my house. The windows of the development sit down directly on the boundary and are less than ten meters from mine, so that my personal privacy is jeopardized. It would appear that both my objections and the adverse comments of the spatial planning team were ignored when the decision to grant planning permission was taken.

Nevertheless, the Ombudsman has made a provisional finding that just, acquired they were taken into account, planning authorization would still have been given! Quite simply, the Ombudsman appears to be looking at the merits of the decision to be able to value my claim. EASILY acknowledge this provisional view, I shall be entitled to £250 settlement.

For example, can you think of anything I could do to persuade the Ombudsman to consider the matter more significantly? There is apparently no easy answer to this. The ombudsman could be asked by you to re-investigate, but I fear that litigation might be the only option – a credit card application to the High Court for judicial overview of the ombudsman’s decision. Among my co-workers in Keystone Law’s planning legislation team is a particular expert on judicial review, but it is not a cheap procedure. Can settlement be claimed for the imposition of articles 4 direction by a fresh owner of a property where it was imposed prior to its sale, if the new owner understood it was set up.

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‘Let the buyer beware.’). On the other hand, if the owner made deliberately misleading representations on the subject, then this might potentially lead to a claim. The purchaser might claim compensation from the solicitor who acted to them on the purchase if the solicitor failed to uncover the Article 4 Direction or failed to advise the purchaser of its effect.

I required a planning program to the committee for decision and the planning officer lied and misled the people throughout. He was filmed whilst doing this and I am along the way of a stage II complaint that his manager attempted to quash on the basis that the correct route should be via the inspectorate. I approached the ombudsman to get a provisional agreement to simply accept this case of maladministration after the stage two responses had been issued.

I was told categorically that the ombudsman will not take a look at any planning case when posted by the applicant and that includes behavior from officials leading up to the decision. I confirmed my knowing that a decision could only be reviewed by the inspectorate but my issue was being compelled to charm through misinformation. Complaining to the council or to the Local Government Ombudsman is very unlikely to give this complainant any satisfaction, quite apart from the concern as to the LGO’s jurisdiction.