The Mindful Patriot

The Mindful Patriot

Israel exports 1 / 3 of the world’s Medjool schedules, which are cultivated in the slim remove of the West loan company called Jordan Valley. In your community agriculture is flourishing, with the vast majority of Israel’s grapes, peppers, and herbs exports being harvested there. The European Union is Israel’s number one trading partner and accounts for 1 / 3 of its total trade.

Europeans have as time passes become more wary of Israeli imports because of the land where it is expanded. Since 1967, Israel has occupied the land in the West Bank after seizing it from the Palestinians. The protest of some Europeans choosing not to buy Israeli produce has used a bite out of earnings. 29 million, or 14 percent of income. It also forced farmers to find new customers in different markets like Russia where prices are 20 to 60 percent lower. Pepper exports to Traditional western Europe completely have halted, and grape exports are likely to be ended because of consumer pressure completely.

  • 29% more than the Netherlands
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A 2013 BBC public opinion poll demonstrated the image of Israel is getting worse in Europe. Favor-ability rankings lowered 8 percent in both Germany and Spain, to the single digits. Even in Britain, the first Western European country to support the establishment of the Jewish state officially, only 14 percent of people have a positive view of Israel today. Israeli contracts with firms within the EU have been canceled under great pressure from Europeans.

Losses could be in the billions for future years’ economy of the country and results will be sensed throughout Israel. 200 billion Dutch pension companies who divested from the five top Israeli banking institutions. Germany, who still has deep connections with Israel because of the Holocaust, has signaled a change in the two nation’s romantic relationship.

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